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Size 7 gym shorts

Size 7 gym shorts

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Size 7 gym shorts. Beautiful for both gym, or play.

This pair is made from high quality "Boo! Designs" spandex (see below).

BOO! (printed and solid swim) fabrics comply with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and are manufactured in Europe and printed in both Europe and Australia.

Further info about Boo! fabric:

Recycled Fabric: Recycled yarn from waste material is completely reconverted and transformed into new raw material.
Ultra-chlorine resistant:  Fabric is considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine. 
Sun creams and oils resistant: Fabric has high resistance to sun creams and oils. 
Muscle Control: Fabric assures right muscle compression during physical activity, slashing lactic acid formation.
Shape Retention: Maintains shape even after multiple uses. 
Excellent UV protection: Fabric offers high protection from UV rays (UPF50+ is the maximum value obtainable). FYI a white t-shirt that you pop on your kid to run around out in the sun all day can have a UPF rating of only UPF5-UPF10!
Excellent Coverage: Fabric provides outstanding coverage.
Soft: Soft fabric that is pleasant to the touch.
Ultra Flat: Fabric is specifically manufactured to be very flat (much flatter than similar fabrics that are the same 'weight') so it is not bulky.
Two-way Stretch: Referred to as 4 way stretch in some regions (like Australia).  Has excellent stretch both up and down and side to side.