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About Stitching Sideways

I started sewing after my first child was born in 2011, mainly making baby quilts - straight lines with those! I continued over the years, also building up quite a good fabric stash.

In about 2016 I was introduced the world of knit fabric, including spandex and my fabric stash grew more, now with different types of fabric! I am lucky enough to have lots of nieces and nephews as well as my two children so I had plenty of guinea pigs for outfits.

The name Stitching Sideways came from my Mum. She would tell me that sometimes in life with our job we may go sideways, or even backwards, and that doesn't mean we're not going forward. Stitching Sideways was my getaway from my "other job" and I could just create items without stress.

Now I no longer have my “other job”, and my sewing takes up a lot of room in our house (I have a very supportive family). I absolutely LOVE seeing kids in clothes that I make, and I love being able to choose awesome material for both children's and now adult clothing.